Spanish Actress and Singer

Actress and Singer

Spanish Actress and Singer: Pilar Dukes Torras


Pilar has a passion for film (especially art-house) and despite lacking any formal acting training, she’s been invited to collaborate on various short films. Here we can see some examples of what Pilar has accomplished.

Para Siempre (Forever)

Short Film Fragment

Quiero Salir de Aquí (I want to get out of here)

Directed by Maria Escarabajal

Y Sin Embargo Te Quiero (And however, I love you)

Short Film Fragment

Una Pelota Nueva (A New Ball)

C.E.C.C. (Centre d’Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya)

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Art in its purest form: The acting facets of the singers

What is called being an actress?

Being an actress is somewhat like being a superhero. You need to be able to don a disguise and become someone else.

For Pilar, it’s a way of telling stories, making people laugh or cry and belonging to something bigger than herself.

Being an actress is a precious privilege.

What is called being a singer?

Being a singer is a highly fulfilling profession. It’s fun, creative, and can be lucrative if you’re skilled at it. It entails connecting with people through music.

You can express yourself through your voice and evoke emotions that others might not otherwise feel. This means having the ability to interpret the lyrics of songs, learning to sing them in a way that best suits your voice and style, memorizing them so you can perform flawlessly, merging those lyrics with the song’s melody… and then delivering a show-stopping performance!

Singing is a crucial part of any musical ensemble, without it, there would be no music.

Can you be a singer and actress at the same time?

Balancing a singing and acting career can be challenging, but it’s possible with the right approach. The key is to find a suitable balance between your musical pursuits and your acting work.

If you want to focus on music, you must be dedicated and practice regularly on your instrument, write songs, and be disciplined. If you want to focus on acting, you’ll need to devote time to auditions and hone your acting skills to impress directors.

To get the best of both worlds, consider ways to combine your passions. For instance, if you have a keen interest in both music and acting, take acting or singing lessons to have more experience when it comes to auditions.

It’s not uncommon for people to have both careers. Katy Perry, for example, is a singer and actress who starred in the movie “Part of Me” and performs in it.

Examples of Spanish actresses who are also singers

Check out some Spanish actresses who are also singers:

  • Penelope Cruz, Madrid-born actress who has released multiple albums and won awards for her music.

  • Blanca Romero, Asturian singer and actress known for her role in Física o Química.

  • Ana Belén (whose real name is María del Pilar Cuesta Acosta), with decades of films and recorded albums under her belt.

Pilar Dukes Torras as a luxury Spanish actress and singer

His acting projects

Despite having no acting background, Pilar has taken part in numerous film projects.

Short films like “Forever”, “And yet I love you” and “A new ball” are some of her standout performances.

Outstanding versatility

Our artist makes it clear that her stage is where she shines. Whether as a dancer, singer, or actress, Pilar feels deep respect and honor for having achieved what she has.

Her drive and professionalism show that she still has much to give, but most of all much to discover.

The restlessness of an artist: Hire Pilar as an actress and singer for your projects

Our artist leaves no doubt that the stage is her calling. Whether as a dancer, singer, or actress, Pilar feels a deep respect and honor for having achieved what she has.

Her drive and professionalism show that she still has much to give and even more to discover in the artistic world.

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