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Getting to know Pilar Dukes Torras

Pilar Dukes Torras is not one for self-promotion.

As the designer of her website, she agreed to answer a questionnaire and it took some effort!

Pilar is a difficult person to get to know if you don’t know her… but very easy to get to know once you do.

Who is Pilar Dukes Torras?

“A person who is passing through, like everyone else.”


I present to you Pilar Dukes Torras

Vintage Pop Art Woman


How would you define yourself?

Sensitive and melancholic. Dynamic and rebellious. Solitary but extroverted. Demanding and intimidated at the same time. Atheist, although sometimes my god is quantum physics.

With a tendency towards depression and discontent with the current world; however, with a strong desire to do things, perhaps too many…

What do you like?

The art of sound, movement, performance, cinema, reading, writing, drama, learning, and contemplation.

Why don't you want me to publish your extensive training?

Briefly, the qualifications are as follows:

  • Bachelor of Law from the University of Barcelona.
  • Diploma in contemporary dance from the London Contemporary Dance School -The Place- in London.
  • PhD in contemporary dance from the London Contemporary Dance School -The Place- in London.
  • PhD in Dance Pedagogy from the University of Oxford.
  • Studies in solfeggio, harmony, piano and guitar at the Taller de Músics in Barcelona.
  • Currently enrolled in the first year of Philosophy studies.

As I see, you like to study

Yes a lot.

Why do you say titles aren't that important?

I’ve gained knowledge through my qualifications, however, not everyone has access to these opportunities and I don’t view myself as more important as a result.

Furthermore, I believe I’ve learned more from my experiences, decisions made and missed, people around me, loss of loved ones, grieving, overcoming or not, my depressions and joys. To be honest, there have been so many things that, compared to my qualifications, I couldn’t determine their significance or impact.

In fact, I continue to learn or at least try to.


Can you tell me about your private life?


Why not?

Because that’s why it’s called private.

Additionally, I don’t want my professional life to impact those around me.

Analog or digital?

Fully analog.

So why make a website and expose yourself to the world?

I need to express myself and connect, even if it’s just with a few people. And I am also part of the human inconsistency.

What do you think of social networks?

Save for a few outliers, I’m not at all interested in what people post, nor do I comprehend the need for so many to share everything – ugh!

However, you are going to publish your songs and your activities, right?

Yes, but only that and nothing more. And there I continue with my incoherence.

Do you wish you were famous?

No. I just wish I could make a living from what I like.

Left or right?

Left always, for social justice.

It hasn't been that difficult, has it?

No. Thanks.


Spanish Pop Art Woman

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What is a pop art artist and what sets them apart? Learn the meaning

Definition of pop art

Pop Art is an artistic style inspired by mass media and popular culture. The Pop Art movement was born in Britain in the 1950s and 60s, but took off in the United States when artists like Andy Warhol began to use everyday objects as canvases.

Pop Art focuses on instantly recognizable images, such as Campbell’s soup cans or Marilyn Monroe’s face. It’s sometimes referred to as “superficial” because it uses popular culture images rather than creating new ones.

Pop Art is often bright and colorful, with lots of primary colors and simple shapes. It also aims to be accessible and fun for everyone.

The movement was born from the desire to break down the barriers between high art and low art, as well as between commercial art and fine arts. As we’ve summarized earlier, Pop artists wanted their work to be accessible to everyone, not just the elite collectors who appreciated fine arts.

If we focus more on the person, a Pop Art artist is someone who creates art and uses popular culture as a subject.

Which prominent artists stand out in pop art, and who was the first pop artist?

Pop art is a type of art that draws inspiration from popular culture and the media. It was first established in Britain in the 1950s and 60s, but reached its peak in the US with artists like Andy Warhol, who began using everyday objects as canvases.

Pop art is characterized by recognizable images and bright, bold colors. It is often considered “superficial” because it uses images from popular culture, but it also aims to be accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Andy Warhol is arguably the most well-known figure in the history of pop art, and is considered the pioneer of the movement. He began as an advertisement illustrator before transitioning to more commercial forms of art, such as silkscreen prints. His work was widely imitated, but rarely equaled in quality.

Other notable pop artists include Roy Lichtenstein, who was known for his comic book-style paintings with thick outlines and bold, bright colors, Robert Indiana, the creator of the iconic LOVE sculpture, Jasper Johns, whose work is often described as “anti-art”, and Jeff Koons, a contemporary artist who comments on topics such as consumerism, celebrity culture, and popular culture in general through his realistic sculptures.

Fashion designers like Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Dior, who used Warhol’s iconic portrait of Marilyn Monroe as inspiration for their 50th anniversary advertising campaign, can also be considered pop artists.

Pilar Dukes Torras as a spanish pop art artist

Once the concept is established and explained, it is clear that Pilar embodies the icon of a pop art woman.

Just like the central theme, Pilar is often ironic and sarcastic, and enjoys commenting on consumerism and mass media.

As a true vintage pop art woman, her mode of expression aims to critique the dominant culture.

Exceeded expectations as an outstanding pop art woman

The aim of a pop artist is not just to make art but also to make people think about what they see and what they observe in the world around them.

Does Pilar Dukes Torras perfectly fulfill this concept?

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