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Pilar Dukes Torras is a music composer and performer. Currently, she is working on her first solo album. Besides collaborating with other bands, she was part of the duo “Bebra” with whom she has two albums in the market. Additionally, she has contributed to two albums by composer “A quiet man”.


Graduated in London in contemporary dance. Aside from being a member of big companies located in London, she is now the director of the “Sirius Dance” company.


Passionate about film, she has collaborated on several short and medium-length films, not forgetting her role as a screenwriter.

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Views on the Multidisciplinary Artist a Pilar Dukes Torras

… “However, who takes the cat to the water, who attracts all the attention is Pilar Dukes Torras, renowned artist, slim woman with an enigmatic expression and magnificent performer and choreographer. Elusive in her personal life, humble and with a gaze that exudes intelligence and intellect. Pilar is torn apart and lets her soul flow through her movement. Pure sensitivity, versatility, and electrifying moments that make one hold their breath. She is a stage animal that is capable of dusting the earth and stirring it, stirring, in turn, the emotions of the audience.”…
Víctor Moixaderas
El País Digital
…”Pilar Dukes Torras has an undeniable personality and stage charisma, making her performance memorable. She feels and makes you feel. She vibrates and makes you vibrate. Her presence on stage is filled with waves that overwhelm the audience.”…
Marty Carrascosa
La Voz de Galicia
Pilar is a very special lady. Very versatile I might say. She directs, writes scripts, composes her own songs, sings, choreographs, teaches to mention a few things. She’s very inspiring. Thank you my friend!
Nicolaas Hamit

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Pilar Dukes Torras: One of the best multidisciplinary artists and lover of contemporary art and art in general

Who is Pilar?: Multi-disciplinary artist from always

Pilar knows how to be a top-notch holistic artist. Her training and experience go back many years.

To be more specific, Pilar Dukes Torras is a multidisciplinary artist who uses dance and other artistic disciplines such as film and music to create beautiful and powerful shows that explore the human condition.

She is serious, somewhat mystical, complex and beautiful, and she showcases this with her creations.

Multidisciplinary artist bio: what are her areas of work?

As a restless and passionate artist in all forms of art, Pilar ventures into many fields:

  • Composer and singer. Recently focusing on this, Pilar is immersed in composing and releasing her first solo album. Previously, she professionally collaborated with Joan Gomis (band “Bebra”), releasing two albums called “Una luz para los dos” and “Celos”.
  • Dancer and choreographer. Director of the company “Sirius Dance” and highly trained in this field. She graduated as a contemporary dancer in London, completed a PHD in contemporary dance also in London and another in dance pedagogy in Oxford, as well as taking numerous workshops in solfeggio, harmony, piano and guitar in Barcelona. Although her training may be spectacular, more spectacular is what she has achieved with it and her desire to conquer the world. Pilar has travelled the Spanish and foreign territory (London, Hong Kong, Paris, Budapest, New York…) giving masterclasses in dance and participating as a choreographer in dozens of important companies.
  • Actress. When we say she’s an artist of several disciplines, it’s because she is. We can also find her on the screens. Her love for cinema has led her to work on several short films, as well as collaborate on the production of some movies.

Pilar performs as a great multidisciplinary artist who loves her work and strives to enjoy it and offer outstanding results in everything.

What exactly is a multidisciplinary visual artist?

A multidisciplinary artist often has a wide range of skills and interests, meaning they can work in more than one medium (and often do).

They can be a painter who also writes or a musician who also makes films.

This type of artist typically has a theme or overall idea that they explore through their work, and this theme is often reflected in all their mediums.

Art is a powerful tool that has been used throughout history to spread ideas, express opinions, and even make statements.

Here are some of the most prominent artists who used their work as a form of discipline:

  • Juan de Flandes (1468-1519) was a Spanish painter known for his work on altarpieces and religious paintings.
  • Francisco Goya y Lucientes (1746-1828) was a Spanish painter known for his dark, somber representations of social issues such as poverty, war, and mental illness.
  • Francisco de Goya (1746-1828) was a Spanish painter known for his dark, somber representations of social issues such as poverty, war, and mental illness.

There are many more creators who have gone down in history and will be remembered as great professionals in beauty and art.


Multidisciplinary artist website: Great professionals who make the world a little more beautiful.

If you need someone passionate, demanding, a bit eccentric but willing to achieve great things, you have to hire a multidisciplinary artist.

You have to hire Pilar and let yourself be guided and advised by her immense professionalism. You won’t regret it.

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