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Professional Ballerina: Pilar Dukes Torras



Sirius Dance

Currently director of the company Sirius Dance, from here, you can view the company’s website and find out more details about it.

Director of the Professional Dance Training Center "Plan D, Centre de Dansa, Moviment i Creativitat" from 2010 to 2014

During this period, it was the leading school, not just in Barcelona, but also in Spain and Europe.



Work with performances in different theaters in Barcelona and Catalonia.

P.M. Danz

Co-director alongside American Maurice Fraga, performing in Barcelona, Madrid and a Tour throughout the US.

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[…] Pilar Torras steals the show with her captivating performance, a thin artist with an enigmatic expression and a magnificent dancer and choreographer. She is a elusive woman both in her personal and professional life, humble with eyes that exude intelligence and wit. Pilar’s dance is a raw expression of her soul, with pure sensitivity, versatility, and electrifying moments that leave one breathless. […]

[…] Pilar surpasses expectations and is a true artist in every sense, a stage animal capable of stirring up dust and emotions alike. In this particular performance, she takes on a challenging role of a cunning, unbalanced, fragile, tender and cruel woman, and she nails it with ease. […]

Víctor Moixaderas (El País Digital)


[…] Pilar Torras possesses undeniable technique, personality, and stage charisma that make her performance unforgettable, filling the stage with waves that gradually enthrall the audience. […]

Marty Carrascosa (Crítica para DABA)


Proceso Comatoso

Along with Juan Carlo Castillo (Peru) and Emiliano Zelada (Italy), with performances in Catalonia, Madrid, and finalists of the Madrid choreographic competition.

Y Sin Embargo Te Quiero

Alongside Jorge Vidal, performing shows throughout the national territory.


Richard Alston y Rambert Dance Company

Member of both companies, performing worldwide tours for 10 years.


Holding a Bachelor's degree in Contemporary Dance from the London Contemporary Dance Center and the University of Kent.


Holding a degree in Pedagogy from the University of Oxford.

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The road to artistic success: how to be a professional dancer spanish

What does a professional dancer do?

A professional dancer is someone who has dedicated their life to dance. They have undergone years of training, spending countless hours each day honing their craft. They have attended classes to learn the fundamentals of dance, and then progressed to advanced classes where they have mastered more intricate choreographies and techniques.

An accomplished dancer often takes dance classes abroad to further enhance their skills and broaden their understanding of dance as an art form.

This professional must also be able to perform for large audiences. They need to be able to dance with confidence and poise, even when nervous or under pressure.

Professional dancers often live together in groups known as “companies”, which enable them to practice daily and collaborate on new pieces.

Their training encompasses both ballet and modern dance techniques. Both styles are so distinct that it takes a dancer years to master them; hence, many specialize in one or the other after several years of training.

Some spanish professional dancers of the 21st century that you have to know

There are many professional dancers in the world, but a select few stand out from the crowd.

Here is a list of some of them:

  • Misty Copeland, who made history in 2015 by becoming the first African American principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre.
  • Derek Hough, best known for his stint on Dancing With The Stars and being one of the youngest professional dancers to win the show.
  • Alina Zagitova, who won a gold medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang in figure skating. She’s also known for her dancing talent.
  • Pasha Kovalev, a Russian dancer who’s been dubbed “the best dancer of our time”. He started dancing at the age of three and was trained by his mother, also a dancer.

This list highlights those who have been in the business for some time and are still making waves. These dancers have left a mark on the world and are here to stay.

They not only dance, but also perform. They make people laugh, cry, think, and feel inspired to be better.

They have set themselves apart from others by being able to do things that nobody else can do, and they do it all with style.

Steps to become a dance professional and not die trying

You aspire to be a professional dancer.

You yearn for it so much that you can taste it, feel it in your bones. But before you go out and audition for every Broadway show, let’s talk about something important: How do you keep yourself alive while doing so?

We know the answer is not always easy, but we’re here to help.

Here are some steps we recommend you take to ensure your journey as a dancer does not end prematurely:

  • Ensure your body is healthy and strong
  • Maintain stable mental health
  • Find a supportive community and establish professional connections

Once you have accomplished this, focus on developing a strategy to thrive in the entertainment world.

We recommend this path:

  1. The first step to becoming a professional dancer is to think you can’t achieve it and fight to change that “reality”. It’s not about how hard you work in front of the audience or the talent you think you have. It’s about how hard you work when no one is watching and the talent you have when no one cares.
  2. Next, find the best spot in town where you can practice alone and for free. Dedicate time and affection. We’re talking about your passion and your future.
  3. Once you have some level, find a professional to guide and enhance that level. Study and invest time in finding the right one for you in terms of time, form, and budget.
  4. Sign up for everything related to dance. It’s not about winning, it’s about being known and gaining experience.

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She’s known for her passionate, disciplined, and intuitive style.

She’s now a renowned artist, having followed her path to get where she is today. Her presence on stage is remarkable and the audience always comments on it.

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